A New Dawn

Friday 24 May '13 Enschede

The metamodernists search for new ways to approach life. New worlds, new alternatives come into existence. A program on the foundations of art in a new world. On metamodernism, back to basics, sustainable design, the latest technologies, constructive involvement, alternative economic models, telling stories and the return of emotions.


Tobias Revell, Laura van Dolron, Ulf Aminde, Charles Avery, John-Paul Flintoff, Saskia van Drimmelen en Margreet Sweerts, Time/Bank: Sara Pape Garcia, Katja Gruijters
Nathan Johnson, Tod Machover, Next Nature, Hendrik-Jan Grievink en Jeroen van der Meij, Michiel Schwarz, Diana Krabbendam, Rob Voerman, Wunderbaum, Willem Schinkel,
Nicole Beutler, Jessica Helbach, Timotheus Vermeulen, Robin van den Akker.

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