18 and 19 November 2016

Conference on “Art Research// Refl/acting on Arts, Design and Art Education”

A conference on Art research. What do we mean by that? And how do we position it? What place does art research occupy in relation to academic research and practice-based research? What are the outcomes of art research?

A reflection on these questions from four perspectives:
·         Artistic Research
·         Design Research
·         Art Educational Research
·         Embodiment in Research

Organising partners: ArtEZ University of the Arts – ArtEZ Graduate School, Professorship Product & Interior Design, Professorship Theory in the Arts, Professorship Education in Arts and Culture, Professorship i.f. Theatre and Dance and ArtEZ studium generale.

A brief programme of Day 1, 18 November
What is art research & presentation by ArtEZ Graduate School
Moderator: Chris Keulemans

9.30      Registration
10.00     Ways of Research –  a diverse range of international art research projects
12.30     Lunch
13.30     Lecture Nishant Shah (Dean ArtEZ Graduate School) – Infrastructures of living.
14.00    Lecture Peter Sonderen (Professor Theory in Art) – The third way in artistic research. Why Leonardo was no artistic researcher.
14.30     Lecture Henk Oosterling (Philosopher) – Threefold embodiment: Researching  performative ‘reflaction’.
15.00     Lecture Jeroen Lutters  (Professor Education in Arts and Culture) –  Contemporary Arts Education: Art as a different way of thinking.
15.30     Teabreak
16.00     Lecture José Teunissen (Professor Fashion Theory, University of the Arts London) – Design Research.
16.30     Panel discussion
17.15     Drinks

A brief programme of Day 2, 19 November
Interactive art research by the ArtEZ professorships & presentation of the Professorship in Product & Interior Design

12.00     Registration / Opportunity to have lunch
12.30    Nishant Shah: wrap-up of Day 1
13.00    Make a choice from one of the following work sessions:
1. Work session of the professorship in Product & Interior Design: Futuring Furniture: about the  changing role of designers in the furniture industry, led by Ineke Hans (designer). With:  Judith van den Boom (Head ArtEZ Product Design), Lennart Bras (furniture designer), and Tom Orriëns (BSM Factory).
2. Workshop: Art Based Learning: Art as knowledge in CKV – cultural and art education, led   by Janeke Wienk  & Giovanni Dalessi
3. Public discussion: Let’s talk about (artistic) research, led by Peter Sonderen and João da   Silva. With Korsten&De Jong (performance duo) and Laura Brouwer (visual artist).
4. Seminar: Lectori salutem , led by Henk Oosterling & Gaby Allard
15.15 Break
15.45    Jeroen van den Eijnde: Lectorate speech on Product & Interior Design:
E – SCAPE – Exploring the space for Design Research between I-WE-DO-THINK
16.45     Drinks