Revolution: a conversation with Jonas Staal and Rob Schröder

Wednesday 1 november 2017,  19.00 -21.15


Moderated by Marijn de Langen (performance researcher and Honours Programme teacher).

These are turbulent times. The democratic system is under pressure. We are running out of energy sources and the environment is in a state of crisis. There is an increasingly loud call in various societies to rise up against the state of the world and against current ideologies. How do artists consider their position in processes of political and societal change?
We will explore the desire to change the world in a fundamental way with artist Jonas Staal and designer and activist Rob Schröder. When do art and activism meet, and how is this interaction different to that which took place in the eighties? In this conversation, several perspectives on art and on revolution in art will be put forward and discussed.
Language: English

You’re very welcome to attend. Seats are limited, so please register via

Organised by ArtEZ Honours Programme and ArtEZ Studium Generale.


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Station Deventer
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