Still from Jean-Luc Godard’s Week-end, 1967


How To Make A Molotov Cocktail? The Cinema Of Revolution

(This programme already took place)

October and November: Filmclassics on Mondays &  Lectures on Tuesdays by Nat Muller, Otto Boele and Erik Viskil.

Film Festival  9 november 10:30 – 23:10 in Focus Filmtheater Arnhem

The programme is free with ArtEZ student card.

From the bloody steps in Odessa to the hope on Maidan and Tahrir Square. About ideals and faith, trust and betrayal, the power of the masses and victories soaked in blood. Captured in ten landmarks of revolutionary filmmaking by Jean-Luc Godard, Sergej Eisenstein, Chris Marker, Harun Farocki, Mikhail Kalatozov, Jehane Noujaim, Gillo Pontecorvo, Bela Tarr, Sergej Loznitsa and Gerdt Conrad.

+ Five classics on Mondays 9, 16, 23, and 30 October and 6 November. See programme in Focus Filmtheater Arnhem.
+ One long festival day on 9 November. See below.
+ Live scores by Kevin Toma
+ Lectures by Dr. Otto Boele, Leiden University, on Russian revolutionary films (31 October) and by curator and critic Nat Muller on the role of media and art in the Middle East during the recent uprisings (24 October), and by Erik Viskil on the introduction of the Film Festival on 9 November (7 November). See Agenda Revolt.
+ Presentation by Anik Fournier and Erik Viskil
+ Production: Focus Filmtheater Arnhem and ArtEZ studium generale
+ Curated by Erik Viskil. See introduction on filmprogramme by Erik Viskil.

Filmfestival 9 November

You can sign up from 18 October. The programme is free with ArtEZ student card.

How does it work: You sign up through the ‘ArtEZ aanmeldformulier’. Note that after signing up with our form you won’t receive an automatic replymail, but the form does registrate your input. The form sends you to the FOCUS website, where you can make reservations for your films on the 9th.  

10:30-12:30: Wee-kend, Jean-Luc Godard; Frankrijk 1967, 100 min, English subtitles. A surrealistic film loaded with revolutionary energy and critical about everyting, not the least revolutions.

13.00-14.30: Pantsenkruizer Potemkin, Sergej Eisenstein; Rusland 1925, 75 min, live music Kevin Toma. A landmark of early avant-garde filmmaking, brilliantly edited, still disturbing black-and-white film.

15.00-17.30: Werckmeister Harmonies, Bela Tarr; Hongarije 2000, 135 min. Wunderful poetic film shows the political machinations on the eve of a revolution.

19.30-20.30: Videogramme Einer Revolution – Harun Farocki, Andrei Uijica, 1992, 107 min. English subtitles. A sharp and shocking reflection on the crucial position of the media in the Romanian revolution of 1989.

21.00-23.10: AL Midan – The Square, Jehane Noujaim; USA/Egypte 2013, 100 min. Preliminary chat with journalist Nicole Lefever, who covered the revolution for NOS News on Dutch public television. Documentary covering the revolution in the Ukraine in 2013 and 2014.

Introductions to the programme by Anik Fournier (ArtEZ / BEAR) and Erik Viskil (curator of the programme):

And during the breaks: Farbtest – Die Rote Fahne, Gerdt Conradt, 1968. Lots of fragments of revolutions and revolts from Dutch Polygoon & Journaal (Beeld en Geluid) and Youtube. And a remake of Holger Meins’ film Wie baue ich einen Molotov-Cocktail?

For more information and to prepare, read the introduction of the filmprogramme by curator Erik Viskil.


Focus Filmtheater Arnhem
Korenmarkt 42
6811 GW  Arnhem

Werckmeister Harmonies – Bela Tarr

Videogramme einer Revolution – Harun Farocki

Pantserkruiser Potemkin – Sergej Eisenstein

Al Midan, The Square – Jehane Noujaim