ArtEZ Conservatorium Enschede

9 november 10.30-16.00 Enschede

Startlocatie Arkezaal, ArtEZ conservatorium, Van Essengaarde 10, 7511 PN Enschede
(inloop 10.30)

11.00 Start of the day with a warm welcome by moderator Ruben Jacobs and a performance by ArtEZ student creative writing Kalib Batta. Followed by a keynote by DJ and music therapist Michael Viega.

Lecture: Michael Viega –  Arts-based Research: Innovation, Discovery, and Transformation
Arts-based research (ABR) values the subversive, transformative, and radicalized nature of art to investigate the most complex challenges facing our world today. This presentation will discuss how artists-as-researchers are at the forefront of inventing and discovering new ways of interacting with information and addressing issues of social injustice.  ABR challenges the neoconservative and traditional models of research and praxis, allowing for new ideas and knowledge to emerge. Michael Viega will share his own work using remixing as a primary method to discover new meaning in songs created by adolescents in music therapy.

12.00 Breakouts. Choose your favorite, descriptions below.

15.00 Closure with all the guestteachers and participants. With music (Mr. Weazley),  and spoken word (Max Urai).

Breakout: Urok Shirhan – Kan een klank een revolutie veroorzaken? Jazeker! Nou ja, in zekere zin dan
Een revolutie teweegbrengen door middel van een liefdesliedje. Hoe gaat dat in zijn werk? In deze workshop focus je – door middel van performatieve oefeningen en discussies – op het uitvergroten van geluid door middel van belichaming. Waar kunnen dissonantie en afwijkende meningen gevonden worden binnen ons eigen leven? Lees meer…

Breakout: Michael Viega – Rising from the Ashes: A Live Remix of Songs Created by Adolescents in Music Therapy
Social revolution through hip-hop! Michael Viega remixes songs of teenage songwriters, typically viewed as ‘troubled teens’. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to remix songs from Michael’s study, as well as learn about music technology, hip-hop Culture, and therapeutic songwriting. Read more…

Breakout: Sharon Stewart & Lana Coporda – The Revolution will be Live*

This workshop is designed to help you dig deep and discover your personal relationship with the concept of ‘revolution’. Exploring your understanding of and attachment to the concept, you will create a performative act, an artwork or a piece of writing. *Title is the last line of the number “The Revolution will not be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron. Read more…