Twentse Welle & AKI ArtEZ

9 november 10.30-16.00 Enschede

Startlocatie Twentse Welle, Het Rozendaal 11, 7523 XG Enschede
(inloop 10.30)

11.00 Start of the day with an exercise: ‘What do we have in common?’ by the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, a warm welcome by moderator Sigrid Merx and a keynote by international hacktivist Jaromil at 11.15: The hacker revolution

Hackers are the rebellious rockstars of our times. In his lecture, Jaromil will go across some major events, milestones for the hacker community worldwide, to demonstrate that the ethical code of hackers can be regarded as a novel and extremely important heritage. Read more…

We close this part of the programme with Mr. Weazley, with a remake of  ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ (Original by Gil Scott-Heron, 1970)

Now you have three breakouts to choose from. See below.

Afterwards we gather for a closure with all the guestteachers and participants.

Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination – Tools for creative resistance
In this workshop you will explore the principles that make an intervention both politically effective and poetically powerful. Using exercises, games and discussions the workshop will help you discover the magical space where art and activism merge, and the power of disobedience to change our world. Read more…


Lara Staal – Manifestos Today
What does a manifesto mean in this day and age and what can it achieve? What are the values that we share and how can we give shape to resistance? In this workshop you will explore the relevance of manifestos and develop your own manifesto. Read more…


Instituut voor Publieke Waarden (Eelke Blokker & Renee Frissen) – Reclaim Revolution
Is there an issue that you are prepared to start a revolution for? Are there any perverse excesses of the system that you want to replace with a radical alternative? Or do we have to overturn the whole system? Read more….