Edith Segal’s Dance Troup, 1926


Noam Toran – Black and White and Red all Over

Public lecture on 3 October

Public Lecture – 3 October 2017, 9.30-11.00 – English spoken
ArtEZ auditorium Arnhem, Oude Kraan 26

How can we address our contemporary sociopolitical circumstances? What forms of creative production from the early 20th century which were developed within the frameworks of political theatre and performance can serve as an inspiration? Learn about Soviet Proletkult, and the way it infected the ‘high arts’ of dance and theatre with popular forms of entertainment (such as circus, cabaret, vaudeville), in order to ‘de-bourgeoisify’ the arts.
Noam Toran’s work involves the creation of intricate narratives developed as a means of reflecting upon the interrelations of history, memory, and storytelling as embodied in cinematic, literary, and performative forms. Research-based, the works examine how fictions influence the collective consciousness, and are realised through an original way of reconfiguring narrative codes, conventions and structures, interweaving them with historical materials.
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Location public lecture

ArtEZ auditorium
Oude Kraan 26
6811 LK Arnhem