Re|fuse Magazine (EN)

Olfa Ben Ali (visual artist) & Geertjan de Vugt (literary theorist/essayist)

Re|fuse is an avant-garde magazine with the soul of an artist and the face of a refugee. It hijacks the language of fashion to encourage an honest and passionate exchange mediated by visual art among people who were brought together under extreme circumstances.

It is based on an original idea by Olfa Ben Ali, awardwinning visual artist whose roots extend in Europe and Afrika, the continents that are brought together by the Mediterranean Sea.

This same sea that on most people’s minds is linked to vacation sites has become the silent witness of the crossing of thousands of refugees to Europe.The people who are stripped of their dignity as they are asked to hand over their wet clothes to the boarder police when they reach the Mediterranean shores.

Re|fuse sees in these clothes a flow of inspiration: trends, styles that come out of places like Aleppo, Khabul and Baghdad emerge as a kaleisdoscopic image of fragments of stories and images of the people who dare to dream in the face of tragedy.