Make and remake – Working version #1 EN

Anne La Berge (composer)

The goal of this workshop is to co-create short pieces that use transitions as part of their structures. We will work in teams and focus on topics that arise when creating work that uses text and music together. That is: we will create artistic transitions and reflect on how our creative experiences tie into general issues of transition in our world today.

We will work in groups and create a work that uses:
• Live electronic or acoustic sounds, including the human voice or recorded material.
• Text – either recorded, read, sung or simply as inspiration.
• Written documentation. Pen and paper will be provided.

Issues that we will work on are:
Diversity: How do we access and express individual and group diversity?

Text: What are the differences between lyrics, poetry and stories? How is text used in various art forms to communicate a message and what kind of messages do we want to communicate?

Music: What are the basic components of music and how can we use them in a multimedia work?

Presentation: What do you need to do to present the work? Will it be a performance or an installation or a hybrid of conventional forms?

All artists will be free to create material that is not directly related to their field of study.

Bring/Prepare: if you play an instrument you can bring it.