Play, April 27th 2012


Play! Event on the actual meaning of play in art, science and society.
27 April 2012

Many aspects of our life are made up of play; be it football, implicit dress codes or social etiquette at work. The arts, too, can be understood in terms of play. The artist doesn’t so much play according to the rules of the game – he plays with the rules of the game. He creates his own world with its own codes, rules and players: his own game. During Play!, the many facets of playing will be unravelled. From educational to artistic and serious games. From the political to the erotic game. From improvisation games to ‘make belief’.


Martine Delfos, Ellen ten Damme, Christopher Dell, Ivo Dimchev, Arjan Ederveen, René van Engelenburg, Tijs Goldschmidt, Guus Janssen, Raoul Heertje, Richard Hutten, Evert Hoogendoorn, Erik Kaiel, Jurriaan Kamp, Eric de Kuyper, Joris de Man, Erik t’ Sas, Quirine Racké enHelena Muskens (Snow White Films), Joost Raessens, Willem de Ridder, Bart van Rosmalen, Peter Slavenburg, John-Paul Sumner, Benjamin Verdonck.
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