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Nadja Tolokonnikova tried to start a revolution with her punk band Pussy Riot, fighting the corrupt Russian regime and upsetting the Church. She ended up spending nearly two years in a penal camp, but she took it in her stride.

Why is it that we don’t get out of our beds to fight for a fairer world? Do we all cop out, because it all seems so remote – ‘nothing to do with us’?

What do you need to get together, roll up your sleeves and get involved? When will you start a revolution?

To make sure that you are duly armed, we would like to provide you with tools for revolution. That is why we are organising several events about revolution in October and November. For the complete programme of activities check the agenda of Revolt.

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This programma is full. Be on time (14.30 hrs), non taken seats will be given away!

This programme takes place on 19 October at the ArtEZ conservatory, Van Essengaarde 10, 7511 PN Enschede.

Registration 9 November

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Open Call Change and Place

Around the ArtEZ studium generale programme Revolte, Henry Alles (theater maker and student of the ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices) is carrying out a research project on the relationship that we have with the space where we are. What is allowed or not allowed in here? Is this OK or is there another way?  This research project is being carried out in the place that you use every day, the ArtEZ building, and it will culminate in a performance on Thursday 9 November at ArtEZ Enschede. We are looking for: (aspiring) image makers, drama teachers, musicians and vocalists. Feel like joining in? Please send an email to
How much time you invest is up to you, in consultation with the project leader. Research periods: 16 to 19 October and 6 to 9 November.
Location: Enschede, Conservatory and AKI.  Read more about Change and Place…