Reading Group: The Art of Feminism: Jens van Tricht

6 November 2018

19.00-21.00 hrs
Location: WALTER books, Arnhem
Free admission. The reading group takes into account a bilingual audience (NL / ENG).

ArtEZ studium generale organises a monthly lecture and reading group on feminism. This evening the reading group starts with an introduction by Jens van Tricht. He is the pioneer of men’s emancipation in The Netherlands and author of the book ‘Waarom feminisme goed is voor mannen’ (2018). The man in the traditional sense of the word is passé. Is being a man what being a man should be?

For the reading group we will read the article that Jens van Tricht has written for Mister Motley and the following chapters of his book: ‘Mannen meer mens’ & ‘Waarom feminisme goed is voor mannen’ (2018). This book is available at the Mediatheque of ArtEZ and is for sale at WALTER books.





Partners: WALTER books, online magazine Mister Motley and ArtEZ Professorship Theory in the Arts.