Reading Group The Art of Feminism with Daan Borrel

9 January 2019

19.00-21.00 hrs
Location: WALTER books, Arnhem
Free admission. The reading group takes into account a bilingual audience (NL / ENG).

Reading group and workshop on sexuality, intimacy and autonomy by Daan Borrel

ArtEZ studium generale organizes a monthly reading group on feminism. This episode of the reading group is about sexuality and asks questions about intimacy and desires in the head and the underbelly. Are you allowed to examine and enjoy every desire? And how do you combine that with a need for commitment? How can women follow their own desires if they have never learned how to deal with them? Or are men just as bad in this? Is it the mind or body that creates desires? To what extent are these determined by stories?

Daan Borrel Soms is liefde dit (2018) page 9 – 19 and page 137 – 153. In the ArtEZ media center Arnhem two copies of the book are present on the reading board.
And the article by Daan Borrel on Mister Motley

Daan Borrel
Daan Borrel (1990) studied Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam and is a freelance journalist. She writes for, among others, NRC Handelsblad, De Correspondent and Het Parool about culture and sexuality. In 2017, she and her doctor and sexologist Peter Leusink put together the bundle Dit gaat niet over seks (This is not about seks). In the spring of 2018 her collection was published Soms is liefde dit (Sometimes Love is this).

Soms is liefde dit (2018)
A letter about body, sex and desire.
After a brash kiss with another man, Daan Borrel writes a letter to her boyfriend from a room in Berlin. The letter turns into a self-questioning account of sexuality, intimacy and autonomy. In this personal essay we see Daan Borrel in her hungry search for answers. She focuses on literature, philosophy, pop music and films, but also on her own body and on the women who raised it. Sometimes love offers an intimate look in the head and lower abdomen of someone who tries to understand her sexuality in every nuance.

Partners: WALTER books, online magazine Mister Motley and ArtEZ Professorship Theory in the Arts.