December 14th 2012


Fear? A disturbing day about those anxious gut feelings that are currently resounding throughout the arts and society at large.
14 December 2012

The dark, death, disaster, spiders, terrorist attacks, an empty canvas, your personal limitations, the next step and the unknown. What is your greatest fear? Event with a focus on crisis, the environment, xenophobia, horror, creativity based on or using fear, the sublime, the thrill of fear and how to trigger fear or ward it off.

People Like Us/ Vicki Bennett, Alexandra Broeder, Liesbeth Citroen, Danny Devos, Thomas Falk, Frank Furedi, Beatrice de Graaf, Bas Haring, Ingmar Heytze, Bambie (Marijn van der Jagt en Paul van der Laan), TG 42 (Isil de Vos en Noël S. Keulen), Erik van Lieshout, Frénk van der Linden, Lucy Orta, Rosto, Jamie Teasdale (aka Kuedo), Michel Thieme, Kees Peerdeman, Susanne Piët, Brigitte van der Sande, Laura Stoop, Juha van ’t Zelfde, Mark Bain.

Show Guests