Knowledge Curation Centre

ArtEZ studium generale is a catalyst for meaningful and radical ideas, projects and stories. As a Knowledge Curation Centre, ArtEZ studium generale selects, reflects and presents knowledge and organises (research) processes in a context where the knowledge domains of art, science and society come together.

The challenges of our time are great, but at the same time they stimulate innovation. When different knowledge domains (art, science and society) interact, this leads to new insights, solutions and radically different ideas and stories for the future. ArtEZ studium generale wants to contribute to a sustainable future and believes in the importance of the debate about the challenges we face today and the strong role that artists and designers play in this debate. In its projects, ArtEZ aims at providing (aspiring) artists with the opportunity to join this debate and to reflect on key questions of our times together with scientists and artists.

Would you like to broaden your experience outside your own field of study? Do you want to reflect on your role as an artist in the world from a different perspective and share ideas, gain new insights or get inspired? Then you are very welcome to join in!
The studium generale projects are offered in addition to the regular teaching programme and are mostly free of charge for all ArtEZ students. We also welcome staff, alumni and other people who are interested.

ArtEZ studium generale is part of ArtEZ University of the Arts.

Meetups & Events

Meetups & Events, a platform for artists and designers. This is where the debate about the challenges of our time and your role in it is taking place – live. You can meet artists, scientists and representatives of social organizations. You can see, hear about and discuss special projects, concepts and stories during expert meetings, lectures, performances, exhibitions, scrums, meet-ups, symposia and more.
We work in collaboration with ArtEZ University of the Arts. Do you have an idea for a project? Do CONTACT us. We would be pleased to talk with you over a cup of coffee!

Research & Publications

In Research & Publications the issues of today are explored, questioned and written about together with artists and researchers. Knowledge that is gathered and shared during Meetups & Events is transferred here onto durable media such as longreads, blogs and podcasts that are widely distributed, increasing the impact of the knowledge that has been accumulated. On top of that, Research & Publications will also feed the debate with new insights.


ArtEZ studium generale has a great deal of experience in organising research processes and curating knowledge. The connection between art, science and society lies at the heart of our approach. We like sharing our knowledge. You can bring us in for advice and organisation, which we can provide in all kinds of forms, be it an advisory document, symposium, expert meeting, exhibition, toolkit or podcast. We enjoy being of service to you.


Phone: #31-26-3535632


Mister Motley is partner van ArtEZ studium generale.

Organisation Studium Generale

Joke Alkema

head ArtEZ studium generale & APRIA (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts)

Catelijne de Muijnck

curator ArtEZ studium generale, contact person Arnhem & editor APRIA (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts)

Rana Ghavami

curator ArtEZ studium generale, contact person Enschede

Fleur Bokhoven

curator ArtEZ studium generale, contact person Zwolle

Maja Brouwer

webcoordinator ArtEZ studium generale

Véronique Steenmetser

office assistent communication and management