Intravidual: undoing or transforming fixed identities through three modes of listening EN

ICHEE (choreographer/scenographer) & Elke van Campenhout (artistic researcher/dramaturg) & Caroline Ruijgrok (visual artist)

Workshop organized and hosted by Anik Fournier and Andree van de Kerckhove (ArtEZ Fine Art /BEAR Arnhem)

‘We are the people that celebrate the in-between. Our manifesto is meant for everyone. One who is ‘in-between’ is neither an isolated individual nor part of a collective; one is in-between. Someone who is in-between is called an ‘interdividual’.
Rosa Menkman

This workshop is inspired by Rosa Menkman’s notion of the interdividual – the self as being always defined in relation to the other – and by post-colonial writer and poet Eduouard Glissant’s concept of Poetics of the Relation. For Glissant, the Relation is radically open and multidirectional; it is connected to a practice of disconnecting and reconnecting. The relation is a site of encounter, between the self and the other, the virtual and the actual, the present moment and the long term.

In this workshop, we explore listening as a force that affects the self, transforming a fixed identity into one that is in-between, one that is intravidual. More specifically, we try to find out what listening could mean, how it can operate, what we listen to and what listens to us in turn. Throughout the day, we explore three different modes of listening: listening through/with the body, listening through/with the mind, and listening through/with the object.
Three guest teachers will lead parts of this workshop:

Listening through the body: Elke van Campenhout (dance and performance critic, dance pedagogue and former director of a.pass) is interested in exploring, through embodied research, how the self is undone through love and through the relation to the other.

Listening through the mind: ICHEE (International Centre for Human Quantum and Encounter Engineering), an art collective of students in choreography and scenography from Germany and London, offering a performative workshop based on an existing scientific psychological experiment.

Listening through the object: Caroline Ruijgrok (visual artist) explores how the self develops in relation to its encounter with objects.

The goal of the workshops is to explore modes of listening and to come up with a proposition of the individual group experiments and results, that will be presented to the public at the end of the day.  The presentation of the research can take the form of a performance, an installation, a mapping, documentation…all options are open.

Note: This workshop ends at 5. p.m.!

A lecture by Ruben Jacobs ‘Authenticiteit – Een Requiem’ (NL) is part of this workshop.