ArtEZ Studium Generale invites you to participate in the Kitchen Table Conversations

Date: monthly meetings, see Calendar
Time: 18:30-20:30 hrs
Location: Zwolle
Language: English

The Kitchen Table Conversations is a community of makers from different disciplines who gather regularly to reflect on ideas of place and belonging. Which stories and traces are related to (contested) notions of home? How can we think of citizenship in relation to responsibility? What does it mean to really meet a person? We will also look at how to aim for diversity and inclusion within ArtEZ as our educational base.

The Kitchen Table Conversations will be an ongoing platform for reading, sharing, researching and making – as part of the larger project HOME. It will bring us thoughts, questions, texts, objects, performances, door knobs, voices, encounters, cartographies. We regularly ask speakers to host a public session. All participants will contribute in a form which suits them best.

The Kitchen Table Conversations is supported by Studium Generale. Its base is Zwolle.

Are you interested in working together with other disciplines, is the theme relevant for your practice and work, and would you like to find a new context to develop it further? Join the Kitchen Table Conversations!


Kitchen Table Conversations: more about the format

  • participants gather for discussion and debate in an informal setting
  • they explore the range of opinions on an issue
  • every(ones) contribution to the conversation is valuable
  • one host per meeting, duo-hosting is also possible
  • s/he will choose a location for the meeting
  • s/he will select a question, a text, a guest speaker or other material to study in advance
  • s/he will choose a form for the meeting and start the conversation
  • content related to the conversation will be shared (digitally) after each meeting

The host will inform the group about the location, the topic, the form and the material that will be studied. Everyone will bring relevant thoughts and things to the table.

Reading suggestions
hooks, bell (2009). Belonging: A Culture of Place. New York: Routledge.
Fox, Michael Allen (2016). HOME. A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: University Press.

More information


Monthly meetings
18:30-20:30 hrs