Home / otherness – Geomancy of co-existence (EN)

Krzysztof Czyżewski

There is no home without the experience of otherness. To be a family we need an empty chair around the table. Only in this way can we get to know ourselves. Interacting with others, that is to say with the community of arrivals from beyond the borders of our world, brings us back to ourselves, since we are but a fragment of the whole. The one who fortifies his or her property is not the one who truly inhabits it.

Because the presence of the other is connected with fear and love, incompetence and curiosity, misunderstanding and good will, we need knowledge about building a ‘connective tissue’. This is all about the geomancy of co-existence. Geomancy is not so much about divination as about consciousness of cosmic energies connecting nature and earthly existence.

What can the experience of the Borderland tell us about this? What is at stake when it comes to the art of bridge building? Why is the invisible bridge more real than a material one? Why can we have our home on the borderland, but not cross the borderline? And how can we build a home with a roof that does not conceal the sky?


ArtEZ Academie, Rhijnvis Feithlaan 50, Zwolle