Lectures & Performances

Rajae El Mouhandiz will moderate the morning program.

All lectures will be held in English.

Home / otherness —geomancy of co-existence (EN)

Borderland (Krzysztof Czyżewski)

10:55 – 11:25

There is no home without the otherness. To be a family we need an empty chair around the home table. Only this way we can come to know ourselves. Interacting with others, that is with the community of arrivals from beyond the borders of our world, returns us to ourselves, since we are but a fragment of the whole. Read more…

On transplanted performers and migrating audiences (EN)

Rimini Protokoll (Stefan Kaegi)

11:35 – 12:05

How to stage living ready-mades and recontextualize experts onto stages? Welcome to the grey zone between reality and fiction. Allow documentary material and theatrical interventions to seduce you into complex topics like climate change or European politics. Read more…

un/making home (EN)

Al Maeishah

12:15 – 12:45

HOME recalls that space of confidence where familiarity, intimacy, safety and the habitable are built and negotiated. Nevertheless, sensing home goes beyond those laws and procedures trying to define and entrench it, be it through citizenship, tradition or membership. Making home is a basic human need that requires adaptation as the material and immaterial site filled with sense, values, routines, imagination, creating a cosmos of affection – its references can resonate beyond the local. Read more…


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