Lecture: Claudia Caro Sullivan – Are you a dreamer

Lecture at ArtEZ studium generale programma Lost in Transiton – Identity in a changing world, on March 16th 2017.

A moving talk about the current meaning of identity in the USA.

Claudia Caro Sullivan is a developmental psychologist and educator specializing in creating innovative multidisciplinary initiatives for children, teachers, and parents. She holds an Ed.M in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from University of California, Irvine, Claudia is in charge of development, execution, and evaluation of project activities and events for the Digital Media & Learning Research Hub. At University of California Humanities Research Institute.

Programme Lost in Transition

Lecture: Dan Hassler-Forest – What is the influence of media on identity?

Lecture by Dan Hassler-Forest on media representation of gender and male white privilege. At ArtEZ studium generale event Lost in Transition – Identity in a chaning world on 16th of March 2017.

Since the American elections of last November, a debate has erupted about fake news, filter bubbles, and ‘post-truth’ politics. This desperation and division is related to great changes in our media landscape, where ‘mass media’ are increasingly being replaced by ‘social media’. How does this affect our sense of identity? How do media makers and celebrities tap into these new types of media now? Can we still speak of mass media or do we already live in the age of totally individualized algorithms?
In his lecture, media scholar Dan Hassler-Forest will address these questions, using media theory and examples from politics and popular culture.

On 16 March 2017 ArtEZ studium generale organized this lecture at Rozet, Arnhem during the event Lost in Transition. Identity in a changing world.

Biography Dan Hassler-Forest
Programme Lost in Transition