Lecture Emily Witt (author Future Sex)

A Clean Well-Lighted Space: The Visual Presentation of Sexual Identity  – lecture by Emily Witt (author Future Sex) on 15 March 2018

In the early 1990s, when the first internet dating sites appeared on the World Wide Web, entrepreneurs discovered broad differences in what kinds of graphic design would attract users of different genders and sexual orientations. To attract women, in particular, dating sites used a strategy of white backgrounds, and friendly logos. They banned sexually explicit photographs and erased all hints of open sexuality, even though these were sites where people were coming to find sexual partners. This marketing strategy came to be known as creating a “clean, well-lighted space,” where women could feel comfortable looking for dates online. This lecture will explore the lessons and limitations of this visual strategy, and what it reveals about the stories we tell ourselves.

Noam Toran – Black and White and Red All Over

How can we address our contemporary sociopolitical circumstances? What forms of creative production from the early 20th century which were developed within the frameworks of political theatre and performance can serve as an inspiration? Learn about Soviet Proletkult, and the way it infected the ‘high arts’ of dance and theatre with popular forms of entertainment (such as circus, cabaret, vaudeville), in order to ‘de-bourgeoisify’ the arts.
Noam Toran’s work involves the creation of intricate narratives developed as a means of reflecting upon the interrelations of history, memory, and storytelling as embodied in cinematic, literary, and performative forms. Research-based, the works examine how fictions influence the collective consciousness, and are realised through an original way of reconfiguring narrative codes, conventions and structures, interweaving them with historical materials.
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Fragment of the lecture:

Nat Muller – After an Uprising: Art and Politics in Egypt Post-2011

After an Uprising: Art and Politics in Egypt Post-2011 – lecture on 24 October 2017

This presentation will sketch the political and cultural landscape in Egypt prior and after the 2011 uprising and will consider the role and practice of artists and art institutions in such a volatile context.Nat Muller is an independent art curator and critic. Her main focus is media, politics and contemporary art in and from the Middle East.

Otto Boele – The Russion Revolution, Soviet Montage and the Promise of Intellectual Cinema

Otto Boele – The Russian Revolution, Soviet Montage and the Promise of Intellectual Cinema – 31 October 2017

The lecture explores the radical innovations that were introduced in early Soviet film by iconoclasts such as Kuleshov, Eisenstein and Vertov with the aim of turning cinema into a truly revolutionary art form.Otto Boele is a Senior University Lecturer at Leiden University with expertise in Contemporary Russian Literature, Romanticism, and Russian Cinema.