Pelumi Adejumo

My name is Pelumi Adejumo (1998), I am a first-year student of Creative Writing. I initiated the SCP (Student Curatorial Platform), a platform for students who are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and who set out to answer the question of how ArtEZ can become more inclusive.

In my work, I often try to find a certain lightheartedness, because it contrasts with the drama of the way I experience things. My origins play a role in the way I am viewed and treated to such an extent that I feel obliged to deal with it, even in my work. I can deal with it either by avoiding it or by discussing it, as I do in my contribution to the podcast.

Silas Neumann

My name is Silas Neumann (1982) and I am a student of the Master of Theatre Practices.
I am a maker, tracer and companion in the field of theatre. In my practice, I work with the personal as an approach to explore larger subjects, using audio, video, text and experiences. My main subjects of interest are social and cultural identities.

Christine Ayo

I was born and raised in Uganda, until I was 18 years old. I left home to pursue an overseas education and graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration from Arnhem Business School. I also took part in an exchange programme at the École Supérieure de Commerce in Montpellier. After my graduation, I worked in various international companies, during which time I unraveled my love for art. I started my Bachelor in Experimental Art and Research two years ago, which has enabled me to achieve significant personal growth. I have since been admitted to the Master of Fine Art programme at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, which I will begin in September 2018.

Renske van Gelder & Tosca Mitkowska & Marieke Sytema (WIIS)

Our trio is called WIIS and consists of Marieke Sytema (Composing, ArtEZ), Tosca Mitkowska (Alumnus of HKU Writing for Performance bachelor programme) and Renske van Gelder (Classical Vocals, ArtEZ). Tosca writes our texts, Marieke composes our music and Renske sings. We create musical and theatrical performances, concerts, interludes and lift music at any location.

We love contemporary and unusual themes, we each work starting from our own discipline, though not in any traditional way at all. We use both traditional and modern techniques, rhythms, narrative structures and we do so in a very undogmatic manner. To us, everything is music and everything is worth making music from. With our songs, we want to tell a story, touch people and possibly inspire a different way of thinking.

Femke Bosma

Femke Bosma is originally from Utrecht and is currently in the second year of her studies in Crossmedia Design at AKI ArtEZ. Starting from an interest in documentary, she discovered podcasts and is now curious about the process of making them.


Asu Aksu & Zahide Fürstenberger

Asu Aksu is a multipotentialite. Dreamt of being a genetic engineer, ended up with a BA in Business Management from Istanbul University. Worked in various positions in advertising, PR, and entertainment. After a while, restarted training her creativity in the fashion field at IMA. In 2010, she started her own label, joined various projects, festivals and fashion shows. Took a leap of faith and opened her own shop in the heart of Istanbul, in Beyoğlu. Decided to follow her vision by studying at ArtEZ for a master’s degree in Fashion Strategy in 2015. Her thesis project looked into the potential of intuition as a critical tool of design in creative practices. Currently, she teaches at ArtEZ, gives lectures and runs workshops with international artists.

Zahide Fürstenberger grew up with her nose buried in books and weird convictions like the awesomeness of higher education. Was cured of such convictions during her years at Istanbul University. After getting her degree in Business Administration, she worked in advertising. While constantly carrying the depression she got sucked into during her teenage years, her major achievement during this period was learning how to live with the said depression stuck deep down her pockets and/or backpacks. At some point, she realized she could trick the aforementioned depression through a constant barrage of nonsense and was about to create herself an underappreciated artist persona from the whole cloth, but then got bored. Besides, there were graphic novels she had to keep up with. Lived in Germany for the sole purpose of learning German, after which she got back to Istanbul, worked in advertising (among other things) and promptly forgot most of what she learned. Finally, she quit advertising, did things with words in Turkish and English, got married and found herself in Germany again.

Hester Brands, Chet Bugter & Chinouk Filique de Miranda

Hester Brands
ArtEZ master in Fashion Strategy gen. #27

Background in Fashion Communication at HKU in Utrecht (BA).

At the moment, I am following the ArtEZ master course in Fashion Strategy. In my work, I try to delve deeper into the underlying philosophical and psychological aspects of fashion and clothing

Chet Bugter (1994)
ArtEZ MA Fashion Strategy gen. #26

Background in Fashion Design (HKU)

I utter a cry of resistance against a fashion system that clings onto strict binary gender codes. Through my work, I aim to circumvent the ways in which the gender binary is expressed in and through fashion; and propose new perspectives on the fashion system, setting out to make this system more embodied, diverse and inclusive.

Chinouk Filique de Miranda
ArtEZ master in Fashion Strategy gen. #27

Background in Lifestyle & Design from Willem De Kooning Academy (BA).

Currently, I am a student at the ArtEZ master course in Fashion Strategy, in which I focus on and research the influence and effect fashion has had, not only in the form of textile or clothes, but as a conversation within language, economical, social and political systems, aiming to introduce ways to change the fashion system.

Izabella Finch

Izabella Finch has a mission to invoke gigglegasms as a medicine for the masses. She created the bombastic, eco-feminist character Priestess Pussylicious, and the comedy cabaret, performance lecture ‘The Pussy Tutorials’ to preach her ideas about empowerment through sexual intimacy, honouring persons and loving our human form… and making silly of our seriousness.

Izabella has trained in dance, singing, theatre since a child,  BA Choreography at Dartington College of Arts, and currently in her 3rd year of Voice Movement Integration studies in Amsterdam. Her work has been shown at EYE Museum, Foam Museum, Mezrab, Sexyland, Ruigoord, ADM, Tropen Theater, at comedy nights across Amsterdam & Berlin and at the Brighton Fringe in England.

Izabella Finch performs with Melanie Bonajo on 15 March in SEX  & the Sexual Politics of the Gaze, Three stories on sex, rituals and intimacy.