LI Yuchen

LI Yuchen is currently enrolled in Bachelor Fine Arts program in ArtEZ Arnhem.
Formerly the Corporate Account Manager in Magazines International Thailand headquarter in charge of premium marketing products of the world’s top publications such as TIME, FORTUNE, Forbes for the elite clientele in South East Asia, Yuchen brings her extensive experience in business development together with her passion in contemporary art. She is the project coordinator and assistant curator for the solo exhibition “Kaleidoscope” by Dutch artist Rob Voerman in Ningbo Art Museum China in 2018, and the Two-Man exhibition “Dream Space” by Dutch artist Rob Voerman and Chinese artist Wang Fenghua in Xi’an Contemporary Art Museum in 2018.

Yuchen is also the founder and organiser of Asian Movie Night, a bi-monthly movie screening event in Arnhem in collaboration with ArtEZ, Walter Books, B53 Art Space and KloosterKino Nijmegen. Additionally, Yuchen curated the public program Social Inclusion Workshops in ArtEZ which attracted a large audience from all across Netherlands with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds from Indonesia, China, Japan all the way to Spain, Germany, Belgium, Mexico and Uganda.

Sarita Bajnath

Sarita Bajnath’s goal is to bring people closer together and to create awareness. She often uses the phrases: ‘Humanising though dialogue and Connecting from realism’.
She works with intersectionality with an accent on racism, meaning that she will focus on gender, LHBT+, disability, racism, classism and whiteness.

She believes that everyone has a story and that it is important to be able to share your story. She works with all groups that she talks about. She is both an activist but also a trainer and consultant for universities, the city of Amsterdam, National Police etc.

Patricia Kaersenhout

Patricia Kaersenhout is a Dutch visual artist and cultural activist. She studied social sciences at Amstelhorn Amsterdam and visual arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her work often focuses on colonialism in relation to her own experiences within a Western European culture. The common thread in her work is an investigation into the African Diaspora, which she links to the history of slavery, racism, feminism and sexuality.

She regularly has shows at home and abroad. In November 2017 she participated in Prospects 4, the New Orleans biennial. Last year she was selected to participate in Manifesta 12 in Palermo, Italy. Her work is represented by gallery Wilfried Lentz in Rotterdam.

Janna van Welsem

Janna van Welsem is a student at BEAR, ArtEZ, currently in her graduation year. She grew up in the south of the Netherlands and moved to Arnhem to study in order to become an independent artist. But during these past four years, she realized that this isn’t such an independent practice; that connecting within a network of artists is essential and that an artist can work for something bigger than themselves. However, the network within the academy – and beyond – appeared to be quite asymmetrical and these kinds of institutions appeared to contain power structures that are difficult to navigate, where gender and cultural differences are not addressed extensively enough.

In School of Missing Men, and especially the Social Inclusion Workshops which she curated at ArtEZ with LI Yuchen, Janna works on ways to address or navigate these topics, including privilege, assertive communication, cultural appropriation and institutional critique. Within her work – tactile installations of textiles, ceramics and other media – Janna researches the potential of skin as a concept, and has learned that the way we interact with the world around us is of great influence, which brings us a responsibility that we should consider very carefully.

Lisa Hu

Lisa Hu
… is the founder and director of the Terra Nova – Democratic Design Foundation.
… works as a social designer: designer of products and services with social value as the goal.
… uses design skills to approach social issues, such as design thinking and co-design.
… is eager to explore the world of the target group and look for opportunities and creative solutions from there.
… graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Man & Leisure department at the end of 2014, and subsequently worked at Kennisland and T + HUIS and participated in the National Think Tank – Learning the Future.

Watch Lisa’s talk at TEDxMaastricht here.


Pax (30), hip-hop collective Habek, studied communication systems at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (1999-2004). The Utrecht rapper, emcee, singer, frontman and performer PAX, known by, among others, Illicit and Kytemans Hiphop Orchestra, is going solo. His solo project is the result of years of searching, for a way to stretch boundaries of hip hop, electronics, jazz and pop music. He found the ideal partner in keyboard player Niels Broos (2010: Best Keyboard Player in the Netherlands, Gala van de Popmuziek) with whom he previously played in The Kyteman Orchestra but also shared many inspirations.

Blaxtar (Kevin Randamie)

Blaxtar (Kevin de Randamie) is a hip-hop artist who independently released three albums, founded his own label, founded a spoken word platform and started his own business school for artists. He gained management experience as a manager for his younger brother Typhoon and advises large companies such as Heineken and Rabobank on how they can use creativity to make more sense to their public.

Katayoun Arian

Katayoun Arian is an independent curator, writer/researcher, as well as an organizer and dj with a background in art and new media theory, sociology, and anthropology.
She has worked across different sites of the cultural and creative industry including various international contemporary art institutions and educational institutions.

With an interest circulating within visual arts, new media theory, social histories, decolonial philosophies, and music culture, the red thread in her interdisciplinary practice is best described as an orientation towards different ways of knowing, sensing, and being while drawing on feminist and decolonial philosophies as foundational principles. Her projects range from exhibitions, (archival) research, discursive events and screenings to reading circles and other forms of interdisciplinary and collaborative work. She is also the founder of FWD: Gher Space, which is an Amsterdam-based platform that aims to create a political space for a growing community of womxn, queer and femme identifying dj’s and artists.

Currently, Katayoun is a fellow at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst (Utrecht), in the fellowship program of 2018/2019. Recent curatorial projects include Conversation Circle at W139 (2017), Grada Kilomba: Illusions at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam (2017), I Speak in Tongues at 37PK, Haarlem (2017) and Voices Outside the Echo Chamber: Questioning Myths, Facts and Framings of Migration, Framer Framed, Amsterdam (2016).

Zippora Elders

Zippora Elders is a curator and writer based in Amsterdam. She studied art history, heritage studies and curatorial practice at the UvA and VU University. She trained as a curator in a program at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, worked as a curator at Foam museum for photography and has written for art spaces, magazines and blogs. Since July 2016 she is the artistic director at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Island for Art and Heritage in The Netherlands. Her program is inspired by the genre of science fiction.

Thijs van Vuure

Thijs van Vuure studied biology and philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. After his master’s degree, he studied instrumental performance and music composition at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, and at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.

Besides projects like What it is to be a bird? he also make site responsive performances as a part of Collectief Walden, an interdisciplinary collective with which he performs nationally and internationally (Oerol Festival, Kröller-Müller Museum, Lieux Publics, France and Turnhout, Belgium).  Furthermore, he composes music for theater and play live in several formations. For an example, visit the website of HIT ME TV.