SEX & the Sexual Politics of the Gaze

15 March 2018

Sex is all around us. On the internet and through other media as well, images of intertwined bodies and suggestive poses flash by constantly. How is sex being represented in the media and what does that say about our identity? Which stereotypes are being offered in this way? And is that changing in any way? We explore how artists respond to this.
On 15 March 2018 together with thinkers, writers and artists we will explore how the current representation of sex in the media contributes to gender stereotyping. We are going to study the way this representation is changing, influenced by other ideas about relations between men and women and we consider the role of art and technology in this matter.

Where: @ Rozet, Kortestraat 16 en Theater a/d Rijn,  Bartokpark, Arnhem.
Time: 10.30 – 16.30
Language: EN
Free entrance
Sign up: the programme is fully booked. Do you still want to participate in the morning programme, send an email to then we place you on the waiting list. If you want to follow the afternoon programme, come to Rozet. There may be some places available and / or you can follow the programme via the livestream at Rozet.

With: Emily Witt (keynote), AnnaMaria Pinaka, Julius Thissen, Hanne Lippard, Igor Vrebac, Isis Germano, Liedeke Plate, Jelko ArtsMelanie Bonajo.
In collaboration with: BEAR, De Nieuwe Oost, Rozet, Mister Motley

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