Rimini Protokoll (Stefan Kaegi)

Stefan Kaegi, Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel form a team of author-directors since 2000. Their works in the realm of theater, sound and radio plays, film and installation emerge in constellations of two or three and solos as well. At the focus of their work is the continuous development of the tools of the theater to allow unusual perspectives on our reality. For example, Rimini Protokoll has declared a Daimler Shareholder Meeting to be a piece of theater or staged 100% Stadt (100% City) with 100 statistically representative residents of cities like Berlin, Zurich, London, Melbourne, Copenhagen, or San Diego. In Berlin and Dresden, they developed accessible Stasi installations/sound plays in which the observation protocols could be listened to on android telephones. In Hamburg they staged Weltklimakonferenz, a simulation of the UN Conference on climate change. Last created is the teatrology Staat 1-4 with a focus on post-democratic phenomena.

Rimini Protokoll has been awarded many prestigious prizes. The team is based in Berlin.