Mirjam Zegers

Beside the two days a week devoted to her responsibilities for ArtEZ University (MA in Arts Education), Mirjam Zegers runs her own independent company. Activities include work as a PA for Louis Andriessen and as a consultant in European cooperation projects.

From 2009 to 2013 she was Programme Leader of the new ArtEZ Master of Music Programming, in Arnhem, developed together with Neil Wallace (Programme Director, de Doelen Rotterdam). From 2013 to 2018 she worked as project leader for The Real Agency of ArtEZ Conservatory, a student-led business allowing students to develop skills in entrepreneurship.

During the years ’90 and ’00 she undertook responsibilities as composer’s manager, international relations’ officer, consultant to international music programmers, and editor in chief of the English-language new music magazine Donemus Trackings for the Dutch music publisher Donemus. She compiled, edited and published the book “The Art of Stealing Time“ together with composer Louis Andriessen, for whom she works as a PA ever since. Mirjam Zegers is board member of hcmf // (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival), Sounding Bodies and The Chronometer’s Orchestra.