Lezing: Eric Frijters – Wat is gezonde verstedelijking?

Lezing door Eric Frijters (architect/lector Future Urban Regions) bij het ArtEZ studium generale event ‘U staat hier’, over de kunst, de stad en de toekomst.

Wat is gezonde verstedelijking? De ruimtelijke opgave van nu gaat niet alleen over stadsuitbreidingen, de aanleg van pleinen of straten en gebouwen, zeg maar de ruimte van de bestaande stad. Daar komen opdrachtgevers doorgaans wel uit. De échte vraagstukken als een vitale economie, sociaal-culturele verbindingen, de energietransitie, krimp en leegstand, zijn in belangrijke mate bepalend voor de vraagstelling die raakt aan die ruimtelijke onderwerpen. Frijters: ‘Om gezonde verstedelijking te doorgronden is het essentieel om ook naar het metabolisme van de stedelijke regio’s te kijken.’

Lecture: Anthony Heidweiller

A search for emotional answers… (EN)

Anthony Heidweiller (opera maker, zanger)

In times of crisis everything becomes fluid, firmly entrenched practices start to drift and chances arise to do things differently. That kind of time has now arrived, in the world and consequently in the city as well. Anthony Heidweiller thinks that politicians have not found the answers yet to the questions that we are now facing in the world and in the city. Now is the time for artists to make us feel, see and hear the emotional answers. What kind of profile do artists need to be able to make this contribution? What important role do art education and participation play in this?

Lecture at ArtEZ studium generale program ‘ U staat hier’ (You are here), on 10 November 2016 in Zwolle, The Netherlands

Lezing: Erwin Jans – De kracht van openbaarheid

Lezing bij ArtEZ studium generale programma U Staat Hier op 10 november 2016.

Erwin Jans (dramaturg/schrijver) wil een pleidooi houden voor een nieuwe openbaarheid, voor kunstinstellingen die voor sociale en politieke ademruimte zorgen, voor nieuwe publieke sferen van convivialiteit en actieve reflectie. De in de kunsten gevoerde discussies over publieksbereik en publieksparticipatie, over diversiteit en doelgroepen, over toegankelijkheid en commerciële cultuur, over stedelijkheid en sociale verantwoordelijkheid, etc. zijn even zovele signalen van een veranderende verhouding tussen kunst en samenleving. Ze kunnen geplaatst worden in het grote debat over kunst en openbaarheid. Ook het te pas en te onpas gebruikte begrip ‘stedelijkheid’ past hierin. Hoe kunnen kunstinstellingen meehelpen een publieke sfeer te creëren? Hoe kunnen zij zich vanuit nieuwe behoeften en vragen herdefiniëren zonder geïnstrumentaliseerd te worden of zichzelf te instrumentaliseren? Hoe kunnen ze hun autonome kracht behouden en zich toch actief engageren in een snel veranderende samenleving? Hoe kunnen kunstinstellingen plekken van de verbeelding en van het mogelijke blijven en toch een directe dialoog aangaan met de realiteit?

Lecture: Chris Keulemans: The city as a podium for the artist’s imagination

Lecture by Chris Keulemans at U staat hier (you are here), an ArtEZ studium generale event on 10 November 2016 in Zwolle.

They look more and more comfortable, the cities in the Netherlands. More and more polished and organized, to such an extent that the human work that has gone into building up a real city, becomes invisible. As does the complex interplay between money, power, government and legislation.
While, actually, to really be at home in a city, you should understand how it works, especially behind the scenes. At home, meaning a place that you are allowed to style as you please, restyle and reinvent.
Artists like doing that. They like displaying their work in the city. Funny work, controversial work, imaginative work. To demonstrate that the city does not have to be as it is presented. That you don’t have to take it for granted. Chris Keulemans will make a short tour past artists who unsettle the city with their work, open it up, take control of it, make it human. Artists such as Benjamin Verdonck, Laser 3.14 and Nathan Coley.http://https://youtu.be/QnPGtXIhFcs

Lecture: Jennifer Miller on 20 years Circus Amok in NYC

Jennifer Miller on Playing the Parks, 20 years of Circus Amok in NYC
Lecture at ArtEZ studium generale program ‘ U staat hier’ (You are here) on 10 November 2016 in Zwolle, The Netherlands

Jennifer Miller (playwright/performer/professor of performance)
Circus Amok is a one ring, no animal, queerly situated, political circus spectacular that has been touring the parks of New York City for free since its founding late in the 20th century. In this talk its founder Jennifer Miller will look at the specific approaches that Circus Amok uses to create a theatrical language that speaks to wildly diverse audiences across the city. You’ll look at how they choose their theme, use of audience plants, playing with scale, publics and counter publics, negotiating the weather and notions of queering public space. The ring master is a women with the beard, the lions are training the trainer, and the acrobats are discussing police brutality. There is something for everyone!

Lecture: Ruben Jacobs on ‘The ‘common’ city

Lecture by sociologist and writer Ruben Jacobs at ArtEZ studium generale program ‘U staat hier’ (You are here) on  10 November 2016 in Zwolle.

According to the French sociologist Emile Durkheim, Man is a homo duplex: a creature that exists on two levels: as an individual and as part of a wider community. Every human being strives towards individuality, autonomy and a distinct identity and at the same time also towards communality.
However, in a time when the focus is on authenticity and self-expression, the city has largely turned into a platform for people who want to make their mark. Shop windows seduce us into self-aestheticisation;  coffee houses  guarantee us permanent access to LinkedIn and Facebook with their Wi-Fi connections.
But where in the city can we still encounter other people? Where do we find and celebrate communality?  Where can the homo duplex turn to in the city, now and in the future? And what role does art play in this?