Tod Machover: masterclass

America’s Most Wired Composer of Music, Technology and Audiences
In this masterclass at A New Dawn of ArtEZ studium generale you will get acquainted with composer Tod Machover and his work. Machover is widely recognized as one of the most significant and innovative composers of his generation creating music that breaks traditional artistic and cultural boundaries.

An interactive workshop by John-Paul Flintoff: How to Change the World?

How to Change the World? an interactive workshop by John-Paul Flintoff.

Flintoff teaches ArtEZ students how they can make a difference at A New Dawn, 24 May by ArtEZ studium generale.In his book How To Change The World, Flintoff suggests that everybody inevitably has an effect on the world around them, often more powerful than they think, and that once they are aware of this they can be more deliberate about what that effect might be. The book then suggests that, having identified a particular cause, we need to find ways to overcome the inevitable obstacles, both internal and external.

Tod Machover in conversation with Mirjam Zegers

Machover shows the amazing perspectives he offers on music, technology and audiences in an interview by Mirjam Zegers, tutor at ArtEZ conservatory. Machover is widely recognised as one of the most significant and innovative composers of his generation creating music that breaks traditional artistic and cultural boundaries.

Opening lecture by Tobias Revell on the future of art and design

Tobias Revell outlines how the willing acceptance and grasping of uncertainty has led to a new way of thinking in the present and a resurgence of romantic futurism. He gives specific examples of solutions outside of a ‘grand plan’, new production methods that liberalise and free design and art from larger systems. He shows how science-fiction imagery and fantasy have penetrated the arts.

Vocaal ensemble ArtEZ conservatorium

Vocaal ensemble ArtEZ conservatorium zingt Russische boerenliederen van Stravinsky, te weten:

1) U spasa v Chigisakh [ Près de l’église à Tchigissakh ]
2) Ovseñ
3) Shchuka [ Le Brochet ]
4) Puzishche [ Monsieur Ventru ]

Zangeressen: Henrike Vonk, Hanneke Hommes, Lina Schmidt, Isa Berix, Selma Gross, Sophie Stierhout, Eline Visscher, Carlijn v.d. Eng, Kathrin Aringoli, Florien Bussink, Emma Bouman, Nienke Boïnck.
Docente: Armanda ten Brink

Dit optreden was een aanvangsact bij het programma ‘A New Dawn’.

Performance Laura van Dolron: Wat mij lief is

Wat mij Lief is is een performance door stand-up filosofe Laura van Dolron in het kader van het programma ‘A New Dawn’. Over wat wij elkaar te geven hebben, gratis en voor niets. Over de schoonheid van het luisteren. Over verlegen mensen. Over stilte en applaus.

foto Laura van Dolron van Carli Hermes.

Michiel Schwarz: lecture on sustainist design

This video containes a lecture by Michiel Schwarz as part of the workshop he led with Diana Krabbendam. Sustainism means creating a new culture where sustainable life connects with social media, the local existence and collective creativity. It’s the key to the future sais Michiel Schwarz (cocreator of the Sustainism Manifesto). Together with Diana Krabbendam (The Beach) they explored in the workshop what ‘Sustainist design’ might look like. More about Michiel Schwarz on more about Diana Krabbendam on

Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker: Notes on Metamodernism

Timotheus Vermeulen (Radboud University) and Robin van den Akker (Erasmus University) give notes on metamodernism, in a cultural analysis of current art practices and in review of the workshops given at A New Dawn.

The workshops they discuss were given by Wunderbaum, Ulf Aminde, Nathan Johnson, Tod Machover, Katja Gruijters, Charles Avery, John-Paul Flintoff, Sara Pape Garcia, Saskia van Drimmelen & Margreet Sweerts, Next Nature, Michiel Schwarz & Diana Krabbendam, Rob Voerman.

Workshop Ulf Aminde

Ulf Aminde workshop registration.

Ulf Aminde’s artistic practice discusses socially relevant issues through photography, video and performance. He builds real-life and staged situations, aiming for the ‘alienating effect’ that creates the possibility for reflection.
In his workshop at A New Dawn Ulf Aminded asks the participants: ‘What would be our longing, what are our demands and how can we become concrete in a few hours. Is it impossible or exactly what needs to be done: creating a space of direct action?’ The result is a protest, there is need for change, but how exactly is not clear yet.

Willem Schinkel in gesprek met Wunderbaum

The New Forest is een project van Wunderbaum, waarin ze alternatieve ideeen voor een toekomstige samenleving onderzoekt en toetst. Bij ArtEZ studium generale worden de deelnemers aan de workshop van Wunderbaum uitgenodigd voor een collectieve brainstorm. Socioloog Willem Schinkel, auteur van het boek De Nieuwe Democratie, voedt de discussie met zijn radicale ideeen.
De Wunderbaum workshop maakte deel uit van het programma A New Dawn, een programma over kunst in een nieuwe wereld, met sustainable design, constructief engagemetn, alternatieve economische modellen.