The School of Missing Men

The School of Missing Men – an empowerment initiative by BEAR, ArtEZ studium generale, Museum Arnhem & Walter Books


November 28 at 16.00 / Oude Kraan 26:

Launch of The School of Missing Men – an empowerment initiative in the making

& lecture by Miriam Westen (curator Museum Arnhem with focus on gender, feminism and post-colonial issues)

 The School of Missing Men takes as it starting point the fact that 75 percent of students at BEAR are women, supposedly a norm ratio in art schools across the Netherlands and abroad. How is it then that the art-world continues to be for the most part male dominated?

 As a gesture to Foucault’s School of Missing Teachers, our goal is to see how we can learn from our current situation, to see it both as a set of systemic problems to investigate as well as a series of opportunities to take hold of. Implementing initiatives across the BEAR curriculum, including lectures, workshops, screenings and a reading group, we aim to assemble, share and generate knowledge and tools for self-empowerment.  The initiative begins locally, at BEAR and in collaboration with partners including departments across ArtEZ; ArtEZ Studium Generale; Mirjam Westen from Museum Arnhem; and Walter Books – eventually expanding the network to initiatives within a wider scope of concerns regarding diversity and equality.

We aim to open up the conversation through intersecting positions, allowing a variety of voices and experiences to resonate and contribute in developing knowledge, strategies and a supportive network for students both during school and after graduation.

Following Mirjam Westen’s lecture please join us for a drink with the collaborators to mark the departing point of this new initiative in the making!

# Feminism



Nieuwe koers!

Dit voorjaar is studium generale onderdeel geworden van de Graduate School. Dat betekent nieuwe kansen en een andere koers! Wat blijft is een programma met workshops, events, lezingen en meer waar kunst, wetenschap en maatschappij samenkomen. Voor iedere geïnteresseerde binnen en buiten ArtEZ toegankelijk. Nieuw is ons onderzoeksthema: Diversity for What? Samen met de ArtEZ community gaan we betekenis geven aan het onderwerp diversiteit. Over identiteit, economie, ecologie en meer! En we maken een meer divers programma in 2018 met podcasts, meet-ups, expertmeetings. Meer weten, ideeën over diversiteit of samenwerken? Check onze site of neem contact met ons op!