Izabella Finch

Izabella Finch has a mission to invoke gigglegasms as a medicine for the masses. She created the bombastic, eco-feminist character Priestess Pussylicious, and the comedy cabaret, performance lecture ‘The Pussy Tutorials’ to preach her ideas about empowerment through sexual intimacy, honouring persons and loving our human form… and making silly of our seriousness.

Izabella has trained in dance, singing, theatre since a child,  BA Choreography at Dartington College of Arts, and currently in her 3rd year of Voice Movement Integration studies in Amsterdam. Her work has been shown at EYE Museum, Foam Museum, Mezrab, Sexyland, Ruigoord, ADM, Tropen Theater, at comedy nights across Amsterdam & Berlin and at the Brighton Fringe in England.

Izabella Finch performs with Melanie Bonajo on 15 March in SEX  & the Sexual Politics of the Gaze, Three stories on sex, rituals and intimacy

Watch the video of the interview with Izabella Finch on 15 March in SEX & the Sexual Politics of the Gaze.

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