brigitte van der sande

Brigitte van der Sande

Brigitte van der Sande is an art historian, independent curator and advisor in the Netherlands. In the nineties Van der Sande started a continuing research into the representation of war in art, resulting in exhibitions like Soft Target. War as a Daily, First-Hand Reality in 2005 in Basis Actuele Kunst (BAK) in Utrecht and War Zone Amsterdam (2007–2009), as well as a variety of lectures, workshops and essays on the subject within the Netherlands and abroad. In 2013-2014 she curated See You in The Hague at Stroom Den Haag, and co-curated The Last Image, an online archive on the role of informal media in the public image of death for Funeral Museum Tot Zover in Amsterdam. Last October she visited Rojava in Northern Syria as a member of the international delegation to Jonas Staal’s New World Summit.

Brigitte organised the workshop War – Our daily reality at Chaos & Conflict on 12 February 2016.



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