Lucy mc Rea

Lucy McRae

Connecting imagination with science and technology Lucy McRae takes audiences out of their comfort zone creating fearless, visually iconic experiences that impact the way people embody the future.

Lucy McRae is a science fiction artist, director and self-proclaimed body architect probing the frontiers of the body, health and human adaptability. Dousing technology in femininity she responds to complex future scenarios inventing visually iconic experiences that connect science with the imagination.

“… I look for beauty in the biological responding to future scenarios like space travel to radically transform the life sciences. I want to spearhead a health revolution and impact the way people embody the future… ”

Trained in classical ballet and interior design Lucy’s artistic study of technology began during her formative years at Philips Design. She led the technology company’s far–future research lab developing stretchable electronics, an electronic tattoo and a range of emotional sensing dresses awarded TIME’s Best Inventions of 2007.

Listed by Fast Company (2012) as someone who is shaping the future, Lucy is a TED FELLOW (2012) inventor of the SWALLOWABLE PARFUM (2011) designer of the LIQUID SKIN for pop star Robyn, co–founder of the formidable LUCYANDBART series and director of the ASTRONAUT AEROBICS INSTITUTE (2014) a futuristic day spa positively impacting the biometrics of the brain and body developed alongside two of Great Britain’s Olympic sychronised swimmers.

Her directorial debut began with short film MORPHỂ (2012) commissioned by skincare brand Aésop to visualise the future of beauty, winning best advertising prize at the Centre Pompidou. Her second film MAKE YOUR MAKER (2013) touches upon immortality and cloning is now acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria (2015). Using music video as a superhighway to connect emerging technologies with the masses she created the BIOLOGICAL BAKERY (2013) with Rachel Wingfield, commissioned by UK’s Channel 4 for Australian band Architecture in Helsinki.

Feature artist in FRAME Magazine’s 100th issue (2014) as someone who suggests what the future holds, clients call on her innate way she examines emerging technologies likely to yield new business for brands. She has inspired audiences at London’s Royal College of Physicians (2014) Royal Albert Hall (2013) and Venice Biennale architecture jury (2012)

“… I am willing to go far, for an experience or understanding and look to the fringes of culture for inspiration and criticism. Provoked by complex problems faced by scientists, physicists and mathematicians I love impossible challenges – the further out the better… ”

Full of contagious energy Lucy articulates her relationship with the world using her own body as a mechanism for prototyping the future – now training for space. (Text by Lucy McRae).

Lucy gave a workshop at Frankenstein Festival: Homo Technicus on 6 November 2015. She also gave a lecture participated in the lectureprogram.

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